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The second great emergence of social enterprise is taking corporate responsibility to new levels

The 21st Century is witnessing the re-emergence of the social enterprise. In the mid Nineteenth century it was co-operatives and mutuals that drove corporate social responsibility. Today, they are joined by not only B-Corps and Community Interest Companies, but pioneering listed multinationals. 

Up the Ethics believes that conventional corporate social responsibility (CSR) has grown in depth and numbers in recent years, but it has now hit a ceiling beyond which it is unable to proceed. In a world where trust is ever harder to earn, it will be those who combine trade with a bold social and/or environmental purpose that are the business pioneers of the future.

Future business leaders will not only stand up for what’s right, but ensure that laggards and free riders don’t undermine more progressive social enterprise models. They will be brave, articulate and hark back to the great Nineteenth Century interventionists; the likes of Robert Owen, John Cadbury and William Lever. They will act as a tipping point in the battle for a more sustainable economy.