Up the Ethics

Passion and experience

Paul Monaghan, founding Director of Up the Ethics, was architect of much of the UK co-operative movement's ethical and environmental excellence for nearly two decades.

He worked across sectors as diverse as Food, Finance, Pharmacy, Funerals and Travel. Contributions included the creation of world-class programmes of environmental management, ethical finance, sustainability reporting and a grounbreaking commitment to campaigning and progressive public policy intervention.

His work on advocacy, campaigning and public policy intervention has gone on inspire numerous businesses across the world

Up the Ethics

A small, committed group of businesses have made fantastic leaps with their social and environmental impacts, but we are still a long way from the transition toward a sustainable economy. 

Management consultancy Up the Ethics was established in 2013 to help corporate pioneers take the next steps and help precipitate much needed systematic change.

Up the Ethics can help business with...

  • strategy and policy development
  • advocacy and campaigning
  • capacity building
  • winning hearts and minds (inside and outside)
  • political and media engagement


advocating for change, lobbying for good

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