​​​​​Passion and experience

Paul Monaghan, founding Director of Up the Ethics, was architect of much of the UK co-operative movement's ethical and environmental excellence for nearly two decades.

​Worked across sectors as diverse as Food, Finance, Pharmacy, Funerals and Travel. Contributions included the creation of world-class programmes of environmental management, ethical finance, sustainability reporting and a groundbreaking commitment to campaigning and progressive public policy intervention.

Unsurpassed track-record in identifying emerging social, ethical and environmental issues and bringing them into the mainstream: including first-mover activity in the areas of third world debt, sustainability reporting, socially responsible investment, fossil fuel divestment, corporate tax avoidance, renewable energy usage, neonics impact on pollinators, packaging reduction and the climate impact of shale gas. 

​Work on advocacy, campaigning and public policy intervention has gone on to inspire businesses across the world. Co-founder of everything from the Community Energy Coalition to the Fair Tax Mark. 

In December 2014, voted #1 in a GLOBAL CEO poll of the 'Top 100 CSR Leaders'.​

​​​​​​​Up the Ethics project roster is currently full, and we are not looking to engage in any new activity or programmes - unless these are of sustainability shattering importance; in which case, please do contact us. 


​​​​​Fair Tax Mark certified

Up the Ethics has secured Fair Tax Mark certification, against their UK Small Business standard. Our Fair Tax Mark Statement of compliance is detailed here, and includes a detailed Tax Policy.


​​​​​​Up the Ethics

Across the globe, social enterprises are arising anew and making an enormous economic, social and environmental impact. Everything from listed multinationals through to local co-operatives.

This revolution in sustainable development goes against the grain of conventional business practice and teaching, and for a long time has been largely unheralded. But change is afoot. 

Management consultancy Up the Ethics was established in 2013 to help pioneering social enterprises to take the next steps and help precipitate much needed systematic change.

Up the Ethics helps business with...

  • strategy and policy development
  • advocacy, lobbying and campaigning
  • ​issue mapping
  • capacity building
  • winning hearts and minds (inside and outside)
  • political and media engagement

Regular listing in: 

  • Triodos Bank 'UK Sustainable Social Media 100'
  • SustMeme Global 'CSR and Business Top 500'